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Going nowhere. . . .

. . . Somebody take me there.

18 year old.
Born in Osaka, Japan.
Raised in Canada.
Artistic nerd.
Studies architectural design and performing arts in college.
Instructs dance and act on the big stages.
Taekwondo champion.
Into snowboarding and various sports.
Likes cars and motorcycles and riding them.
Swing both ways.
Speaks English, French, Japanese, Kreyol, Korean, Spanish and a bit of Mandarin.
Dreams of having a family, now.

.The fandom.
A lot of KPop and JPop. I’m really into YG groups and as well as some of SM and JYP. I like Johnny’s Entertainment. I like Hip-hop/R&B and almost any singer who can play an acoustic guitar/with a good voice/deep lyrics, like Justin Nozuka. I also respect some actors and models.

.The random things
I’m sort of cold at times, but I’m warmly smooth inside and I really like people to be around me, even if I fail to show it. Friends are welcome.

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