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29 May 2008 @ 08:50 pm
Chinen Super☆Star Saga - Chapter 4.5: Bowser's Wedding Plans  
Title: Chinen Super☆Star Saga - Chapter 4.5: Bowser's Wedding Plans
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP (Johnny's) + Mario Bros (Nintendo) mix
Pairings: Chinen x Takaki, Takaki x Hasshi, Yamada x Yuto
Rating: PG
Genre: Morning phase crack
Warning: Do NOT abuse Mario games. They'll make you write stuff like that.
Random: Big shout out to nyagcpinkuneko , alchemy_of_yaoi and asa_chan_love / calinyan Love you, girls. 
Note: Blue font is in the mirror. You'll understand while reading.

Our brave heroes just came back victorious from a fierce battle against the evil Koopa Troopa Island. They had to carry their dinosaurs on their backs because the poor things were exhausted after laying so many eggs. They also found a small star-shaped crystal, but they didn't know what it was, so they decided to show it to Rosalina. 

Soon, they were back at the sign, where they found Rosalina reading her book. 


Keito looked up and smiled, "Blimey! You made it back, blokes. I am so glad." She closed the book.

"We found this, no idea what it is, we thought you'd know." Luigi showed her.

"Could it be?" She opened her book again and looked between her book and the crystal. "This is a shard of the Mirrorcle Star! The only object that can beat the Rainbow Star! If you find every shard, you might beat Bowser and the Rainbow Star!" She clapped her hands. 

Luigi cheered, "Yay! We're going to save the day!" On the other hand, Mario pouted and grumbled. 

"What is wrong?" Rosalina asked, playing with her blond hair. 

"I want to know what my princess is up to..." Chinen sighed. As always, when Hasshi and Takaki are together and he's not here to see, Chinen feels down. Not that he was insecure or didn't trust Takaki, he just missed him and didn't like that someone could enjoy his company while he can't.

"I can do something about that." Keito made a magic mirror appear, through it, they could see what was going on in the Dark Castle. 

Bowser was walking down stairs, Wario and Waluigi at his sides. "How is my bride doing?" The leader asked his two goons. 

"Excellent," Wario-Daiki cackled. 

"The dress fits her so perfectly." Waluigi-Inoo grinned. 

"I want to see it..." Hasshi said, smirking.

"But that is bad omen!" The two flailed and ran in circles. 

Bowser growled and whipped them both. "I am bad omen, imbeciles." He went and opened a door. 

"LET US OUT!" Princess Daisy yelled from the wall she was chained to.

"Shut up, useless-hime. Or I make Waluigi marry you." The tall purple plumber grinned at that comment and Yamada winced.

Hasshi walked to a golden cage where a young woman man princess was, "My beautiful fiancee... you look stunning." 

In the cage, Princess Peach-Takaki was crying, wearing a short black and pink leathery and frilly lolita-like wedding dress, long black gloves, a black veil and knee high leather boots.

"Big girls don't cry, Peach... and by the way, that's leather, so I recommend that you don't wet it." Bowser told.

"I do not care! I do not want to marry you! I want my Mario! I cannot wait for the moment when he will defeat you, you fiend!" 

"My minions are taking good care of him... I don't want to kill him...yet. I'll make him watch our wedding, then I'll destroy him with this! I am invincible!" He showed the Rainbow Star gone dark that was floating over him. 

"Never! If her Mario cannot do it, my Luigi will kick your arse!" Princess Yamada yelled from her corner. 

"MWAHAHAHA. I think I ripped my pants laughing, don't be silly." He laughed evilly and wiped a tear away from his eye. Luigi defeating him, that was the joke of the century. 

He turned to Wario and Waluigi, "Where is Mario?" 

The two of them looked at each other, "Well... he got past Koopa Troopa Island, it was allergic to Yoshi eggs... They must be heading for Shy Guy Factory." Wario explained.

"WHAT." Bowser whipped them both again, "I DO NOT WANT THEM TO GO ANY FARTHER!  CAPTURE THEM!" He yelled at them. 

"We'll destroy them, boss!!" Daiki said as they ran away.

"Not destroy, idiot! Capture!!" Waluigi bopped him over the head.

Peach and Daisy grinned. 

"Afraid, Bowser?" Peach asked.

"No. Just eager to marry you, my pretty..." Bowser fixed his studded belt, "Now if you will excuse me, I have a tuxedo to get. I will be the best looking Mushroom Kingdom king ever." With that, Bowser left.

"Okay, enough." Mario pushed the magic mirror away. "Let's leave for this Shy Guy whatever place, I want my princess!" He stomped his foot on the ground. 

"Fine! Fine! Jeez...." Rosalina made a green pipe tunnel appear. "It's over there. Good luck." She said and went back to her book.

"C'mon Luigi!" Mario pulled his brother and dragged him to the tunnel.

"Hey! No! They said they'll destroy us! I don't wanna go! Daisy and Peach isn't all that important, there are so many fish in the sea, Mario!" Yuto complained and tried to get away.

"NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN." Mario knocked his bro out with a punch, "We're still... GOING!" He threw his brother in the tunnel.

And off they were to Shy Guy Factory!
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