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19 July 2008 @ 04:53 pm
Chinen Super☆Star Saga - Chapter 5: Shy Guy Factory  
Title: Chinen Super☆Star Saga - Chapter 5: Shy Guy Factory
Fandom: Hey!Say!JUMP (Johnny's) + Mario Bros (Nintendo) all mixed together.
Pairings: Chinen x Takaki, Takaki x Hasshi, Yamada x Yuto
Rating: PG
Genre: Morning phase crack
Warning: Do NOT abuse Mario games. They'll make you write stuff like that.
Random: Big shout out to nyagcpinkuneko, alchemy_of_yaoi and asa_chan_love/calinyan Love you, girls.


The Mario brothers slid in the tube until they fell from the sky and ended up falling in front of a factory.

"Wow. That was fun." Chinen giggled and dusted his jumpsuit.

"Talk for yourself, oaf!" Yuto said, drumming his fingers on the floor and grumbling from under his brother who landed safely on his back.

"Sorry, man!" Chinen got up and helped the other plumber boy up.

"Saa... that's Shy Guy Factory?" The shorter asked.

"Duh. The sign says so." Luigi pointed a bright 12 feet tall neon sign that clearly said Shy Guy Factory.

"Whoa... where's the entrance?" Mario-Chinen asked.

"Mario, we've been here before and you know, you have to follow the signs." Yuto pointed another huge neon sign that said Entrance.

"...You're sure it's not a trick, Luigi? I mean, that's a bit too easy, to me." Chinen raised an eyebrow, not sure he should go there.

"Shy Guys are as dumb as my foot, they put signs absolutely everywhere." Luigi said and pulled his brother to the door and pushed it.

Yuuri stared as he saw all those contraptions, machinery, huge gears and little Shy Guys of every color. They all had wrenches, ratchets, nails, hard hats and there was a white Shy Guy on some tower who had a whistle and a megaphone. "...Luigi... let's be careful, okay?" The smaller plumber said, he had no intention in getting killed by those laborers.

The white Shy Guy with the megaphone looked at the two plumbers from his tower and pointed his megaphone toward them. "Hey, yo! Green and Red over there, what do you think this is? Vacation? Get your butts in gear!" He yelled at them.

Chinen was confused, he didn't look anything like a Shy Guy, how could that guy think he was one?

"Oh, no, we won't, you slave driver!" Yuto yelled back at the Shy Guy.

"Eeeeesh, shut up, that guy controls all the others and they have wrenches!" Mario panicked, getting hit by those tools didn't sound like a fun idea at all.

"Oh, so, you won't work?" The white Shy Guy jumped down his tower and landed right in front of them. He lift his white mask and glared at them both.

"Nakayama Yuma?!" Chinen pointed him, shocked that he recognized yet another face.

"What'cha talkin' about? I'm the White Shy Guy!" Yuma yelled at them and pointed a neon sign over him that said White Shy Guy. "Now you get to work, NOW." He pointed the machinery and handed them two very large hammers. "Come on, I don't have all day."

"But... I can't work, I'm 14." Chinen complained.

"What are you saying, Mario, you'r--" Yuto was interrupted by the white Shy Guy's whistle.

"I don't care how old you are, you're gonna work!" He told them. "Wario and Waluigi said that King Bowser is going to destroy us if we don't build him this Plumber Blaster, so, do it!" He said.

"Plumber Blaster?" Luigi blinked.

Nakayama nodded. "Yeah, to destroy... uhh.. Macaroni and cheesy, I don't remember their names, but, yeah, I hate them. We're slaves now and it's all they're fault and that damn princess' fault. If she wasn't there, Bowser wouldn't need that weapon."

At that comment, Chinen grit his teeth. "Do NOT talk about MY princess like THIS!!" He whacked Nakayama with the hammer.

"...M...M...Ma...Mario...?" Luigi stammered and pointed at something behind Chinen.

The smaller one finished boinking the White Shy Guy with his hammer, until he was flat. "What is it, Luigi?" He turned and saw legions of Shy Guys, all ready to kick them to another galaxy.

"RUN FOR IT!" The little hero yelled.

"I'D LOVE TO BUT WE JUST CAN'T." Luigi yelled back.

They were surrounded by the Shy Guys. What to do? Die in here or find some way to get out of this mess? Even if he tries, what could he do against so many Shy Guys? He looked up, wishing Rosalina-Keito would poof them back to where they were before but that was impossible since they couldn't communicate with her. All he saw up there were wires, which came from all over but went all to the same place... some large orb with something shining in the middle.

Is this... His eyes fell upon a neon sign that said Power source of the factory: The Mirrorcle Crystal. So, those Shy Guy really were as dumb as Luigi said...?

"A Mirrorcle Crystal shard!" Mario exclaimed, pointing the object.

"Mario, this isn't the time to hallucinate." Luigi said, by now, they were back to back in the circle of angry looking laborers who didn't seem happy with the fact that their leader was knocked out.

Chinen bit his lip in concentration. Shy Guys, hammers, Luigi, Mario, wires, orb, shard... Hey!Say!JUMP? What did the latter have to do with all of this? He looked at Luigi, remembering that in every Mario game, Luigi jumps higher than Mario. OH! JUMP!

He turned to Luigi, he had an idea and hoped it was going to work. "Listen. On the count of three, you follow me through the Shy Guys and whack everyone in your way...except for me." He told him.

"You're insane." Luigi blanched.

"No, I'm not... And when I say jump, jump, okay?" Chinen said.

"...I have a feeling I'm going to hate this..." The taller plumber shook his head.


Chinen started running, whacking Shy Guys and sending them flying in every direction, while Yuto was running, flailing behind him. Soon after, they were right under the orb. "Luigi, JUMP!" He told him, "Get the shard and let's get outta here!"

Luigi jumped, reaching for the shard.

Just... a little further, you can do it, Yuto!! Chinen kept on whacking Shy Guys to keep this spot a safe one for Luigi to land on.

But, Yuto, being the goof he was, failed to catch the shard. "Not high enough! Mama mia! Faalling!" Luigi was falling back down, right toward Mario.

"Oh, no, Luigi, you're not!" Chinen remembered the game Super Smash Brothers, and when Luigi was in reach, he hit him with his hammer, as hard as he could.

"Mario! I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate yoooooooooooooooou!" Yuto wailed as he crashed onto the orb and broke it with his self. He fell back down, the crystal following him. Mario swung his mallet again, to clear a circle around him before opening his arms. Luigi totally flattened him, but luckily for them, the second Chinen touched the crystal shard, they disappeared in a flash of light.

Victory of the Mario brothers!
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Cris Liggett: yuto1kusanobabe05 on July 22nd, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
crack.....i love it...you really are the king of crack. *hearts*
Minoru: Chinenmishun on July 23rd, 2008 02:21 pm (UTC)
I'm very glad you liked it. ♥

And... Thanks for the King of Crack title? I need to make myself a banner with this on it. *hearts back*